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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Home Helena!

We are home!!!! Although China was an amazing country with the most kind and gentle people, we are tickled pink to be back in the good ole' USA! I ran through the airport in Bham (totally like that O.J. commercial) when I saw my sweet boy...couldn't wait to get my hands on him :) Troy and I had been up for 34 hours by the time we landed...oh goodness, China jetlag, we still aren't quite right but we're getting there.

Annalee was a trooper through the entire trip. So many airplanes, trains, and automobiles...even a couple of boat much change for such a little girl. She is adjusting well and starting to show us her little personality a little more each day. She's already gained 2 1/2 lbs since we got her, we're so thankful. Dylan and her instantly bonded and what a big bro she has! He is super protective and watches everyone around her...he yelled at Troy and I for making her cry as we tag teamed trying to wipe her stuffed up nose :) She laughs at everything he does and crawls around after him. He discovered that she cracks up when he jumps up and down so he's been my little Mexican jumping bean all over the house- just to make sister laugh.

We're still on "China time" - having a hard time reversing days and nights- if anyone has any suggestions, please send them...yowzy!!!

We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for the emails, messages, and prayers. Troy and I have been married 16 years , 14 of them have been dedicated to building our family. After adopting Dyl from Russia, we had no idea what HE had in store for us next. Then China spoke to our hearts. I had no idea how different this adoption would be from Russia. Annalee's orphanage was immaculate, bright, lots of toys and even crib bedding- strikingly different from Dylan's.  How thankful we are to have these sweet children and their amazing life stories. We laughed b/c we said how odd it would be not to have to "wait" for a child any longer. I joked with T that I'm sure Annalee would LOVE a little brother or sister :) My timing was probably a little off since we were in the middle of China w/no sleep and he was super sick :) God sure has blessed our family beyond measure, and I couldn't have dreamed it any better.